When we started working on a design for the Apollo Series, our main goal was to create a lens that has a unique anamorphic look, that’s easy to use, and features an elegant design consistent through all our lens series. We researched and worked through most known anamorphic optical system designs for our penultimate product.

This series is compact, sharp, optimised for distortion correction – and it has character. When it comes to anamorphic – we know you’re there for character. We’ve also been very careful to consider flares! Anamorphic flares are loved by many many cinematographers around the world, bringing it to a cult status within the industry. We spend a lot of time testing to achieve different coatings to get the desirable flares.

One of the main features of our lens is the anti-mump system created in 1954 by Mr. Gottschalk from Panavision. With that system, whilst focusing from infinity to the close point, the image stretches only in a vertical direction (vertical breath), the horizontal axis stays locked. That’s the beauty of this focusing system.

The optics are much smaller than a front variable diopters design system – which means – they are lighter weight, with less chromatic aberrations, and have better light transmission. We can keep the light of the lens much shorter when compared to most other anamorphic lenses on the market. The Apollo lenses are amazing for steadicams, gimbals, and handheld work. They are simply irreplaceable for drone use.

There has been a lot of testing with the original (Gottschalk) design and some new features have been discovered. What we found is that we can bring the focus point of the lens closer than 1 feet – its ridiculously close, even for normal spherical lens, but this is what we’re talking about – the amazing qualities of Anamorphic.

The Focus ring mechanics are a cam based design. They allow the focus ring to be really smooth, and feature a rotation of 270°. It features standard pitch module of 0.8. for both focus and aperture rings. All the lenses from Apollo series shares 14 round-blades circular apertures!

And let’s not forget about the color! The white matches the lens name – Apollo, just like NASA! And we gotta say it looks beautiful. Red-White-Black – are the main colours of the Apollo lens series.

*Technical specifications are subject to change